Tourism congratulates the Tarifeño entrepreneurship for job creation

The barometer of profitability and employment of tourist destinations has stated these days that Tarifa was the Andalusian tourist destination that more jobs created this 2018 in the summer. From tourism entrepreneurs is targeted as the true architects of this data.

The Delegation of Tourism of the City of Tarifa, by Councilor, Sebastián Galindo, He wanted to congratulate the fabric of the town for being recognized as the most jobs created, during the summer, during this 2018 In Andalucia. This data, it has been known after studying the Barometer profitability and employment of Andalusian Tourist Destinations, notes that not only has grown 13,7% with respect to 2017, but the municipality has been the one that has generated in Andalusia.

For the mayor of Tourism, "It is a good thing, proving that since the institutions are doing something well, but above it shows that Tarifa has a brave entrepreneurs, reversing, contracting, and creates wealth in the municipality. It is them who is responsible for this merit, so since we recognize that bet Tourism ".

Responsible for Tourism, One should not forget that "the authorities are the ones who must put the means by which the business can grow, and with that growth can continue to generate employment. For three years trying to extend the season, and you can see how, with the help of meteorology, and entrepreneurs instead of closing in September also extend their season, the season is stretching slowly. That is our goal, to enlarge 12 months, and not 2 O 3 as it was years ago, the the 5 O 6 months as it is today. Mimbres rate has to do ".

By last, from tourism it is noted that the next 2019, "Our challenge must be overcome that growth of this 2018. No seasonal adjustment is achieved in two years or three, but if you can be taking steps in that direction, What are we doing, administration both as entrepreneurs ".

Tourism Delegation

His Excellency. Tarifa Town Hall

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