The City Council and the firm Todai, with experience in similar assemblies they have led to today's proposal IES and Baelo Claudia Almadraba

Of the 11 al 12 of April, the sports complex of La Marina will host the first edition of the Salon Manga rate aimed at all young fans of Japanese animation. An extensive program of parallel activities including manga drawing contest, recreations of characters from the imagination of video games and animation, Korean dance exhibitions in vogue or video game tournaments, among other proposals were presented as main attractions in an edition with free admission. The initiative launched by the city council has taken today Institutes and Baelo Claudia Almadraba.

The expectation generated by the subject among young people has led the City Council to seek the cooperation of the specialized company TODAI, that the same as it did last year in Chipiona, in this 2020 promote the Hall of Manga Tarifa.
The event scheduled for this day 11 Y 12 April proposes alternative entertainment for young people around the world of manga. There will be workshops masks Korean, Robotic-lego, Kpop music contests the Korean pop music, masterclasses game, costumizados mannequins, manga drawing contest or exhibition of martial arts, among other proposals.
At the Salon Manga not miss the games area planned to house about 20 computers consoles, computers, retro machines ... different games and tournaments fashion. also areas dedicated to the exhibition of self-defense practices without contact, martial arts and dance. a battery of board games in the youth program also shows aimed at fun and creative leisure as explained Diego Racero Todai.
Another attraction will be the selection of characters from the game or animation recreated live. It is the "cosplay show", with prizes for the best costumes and recreations options presented. the disguise was not enough raw interpretation and fun.

In commercial exhibitors may acquire Japanese signage, Illustrations, books and gastronomy.

For the area of ​​Youth is an opportunity to encourage leisure options in youth. Daniel Rodriguez was underlined as well that encourages all manga fans not to miss the appointment of Tarifa. The initiative also brings together the participation of the areas of Education, Sports and Citizen Participation of the local council.

Tarifa Manga Hall already has poster. The author is the young student Andrea Cuesta de Sevilla and follower like many of his fellow Japanese iconography and comics. With only 16 years, its creation has been done with the prize of the contest organized by the firm to illustrate Today the call for Tarifa. The idea is that the second edition is advertised with a picture I collected among the contestants of the upcoming shows.
All information on this is available in the Casa de la Juventud, located on the promenade of the Miramar. The entrance to the Hall Manga rate will be free.