Ticket sales for Carnival Contest will begin on Wednesday, 26 February. thirteen groups, chirigotas seven six municipal theater troupes will fill the music day 2, 3 Y 4 of March.

The Alameda Theater box office will open early next Wednesday. From nine in the morning until two in the afternoon will sale the tickets for the Carnival Group Competition, scheduled to take place 2, 3 Y 4 of March. As sometimes anteriores, each interested can purchase a maximum of four locations.

The sale of loose tickets each of the two semi-final and final be made the next day, Thursday 27 February, in identical times of 9:00 to 14:00.
During the days of the contest themselves will also be specific opening hours of the box office of the theater. will be 5 a 7 pm each day and put on sale the specific inputs the current day. Each applicant may withdraw a maximum of two sites.

are finally 13 groups will parade across the stage at the Teatro Alameda along this edition of the contest. And seven chirigotas 6 Arrivals troupes from different parts of the region and towns like San Fernando have enrolled in the local contest. It is chirigotas "The club villains", "The immortal 2020", "The Algeciras seas", "A day whites" and "Tell me what happened to us" of Algeciras, and "The Dead Joaquín", from San Fernando.
Among the troupes registered in Alameda will be the algecireña "Charmed", the linense "The battalion of the sea", San Fernando grouping "I come after you", the tarifeña "Potsdam: I love you ", "Without fear of anything" and "La Tribu de Cádiz", both of Algeciras. Friday morning is decided by lot the order of performance of each semifinal.

Prices Contest entries range from 9 Euro semifinals and 12 euros for the final night. Fertilizers out by 25 euros.