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Where to eat in Tarifa

Tarifa’s gastronomy, as part of Andalusian cuisine, is characterized by its strong and intense flavors, like the sun of its land. It is mainly based on the dressing of products from the Mediterranean diet.


Gastronomic destination on the coast

Tarifa, despite its small size, has a large number of restaurants and bars spread throughout the city, where you will find a wide gastronomic offer of the most varied, from typical, traditional and Andalusian cuisine to Arabic, Argentinean, Asian and Mexican cuisine, there are many other options to taste dishes from other countries and cultures.

You will not leave this city without eating well!

comer atun

Each restaurant in Tarifa has its peculiarity and charm, where you can enjoy the originality, good taste and good work of its cooks, its exquisite flavors and exotic aromas.


Of our coast and our land


Top quality


All types


Part of our culture

Eating is a fundamental part of the culture of a town, but judging by the little that has been reflected on this subject, in Tarifa it seems that people do not eat. Well, we not only eat, but we eat very well. To begin with, our products are so good that we even export them, such as tuna. The proximity to Morocco has allowed us to fuse our gastronomy long before the word “fusion” was in fashion. The popular recipes have been able to update themselves to the level of the demands of the most exquisite palates. And as if this were not enough, very good national and international chefs have established themselves here, enriching the gastronomic culture of our town.