Wing foil

World-renowned rate for the practice of water sports is added to the offer of wing foiling, it is a new type of surfing, which is beginning to be practiced frequently in Tarifa as in the rest of the European coasts for about two years, but it has its origin in the 80`s, when the American engineer Jim Drake, designed and invented a way of surfing with a kind of hand sail.

This new sport is based on the mixture of windsurfing and kitesurfing. It requires a team made up of three main elements: a spoiler or foil under the board propels the surfer, who in turn flies through the air with an inflatable wing, also called a wing, which gives him more speed and the board can be rigid or inflatable.. It will be Olympic competition for the Paris 2024 games.

The attractions of this new sport are that it can be practiced by everyone without risk. It allows sailing with very few knots, which means that it can be extended to a greater number of days in the water, and we must also add the fact that it can be sailed with wind in all directions.